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Fitting Instructions – How to Use GrindReliefN

GrindReliefN is the perfect solution to stop teeth grinding at night. If you grind your teeth at night, clench teeth at night, are worried about TMJ or experience ear pain, jaw pain or any other related symptoms, this teeth grinding guard is for you. GrindReliefN will prevent you from clenching teeth and grinding teeth at night and can be worn during naps, during strenuous activities and times of stress. In about two weeks, you will not want to go to sleep without it!

Unlike other mouth guards for teeth grinding, GrindReliefN is inexpensive and relieves pressure. Customize your teeth guard and stop grinding teeth for good. To custom fit your new mouth guard for grinding teeth, follow the easy step-by-step instructions below.

You will need: a small bowl of water, a spoon, a pair of small scissors, a timer. The best place to fit GrindReliefN is in the bathroom in front of a mirror.

Note that it may take a few tries to fit GrindReliefN perfectly. You may reheat and refit your bite guard as many times as necessary for a comfortable custom fit. GrindReliefN may be fit on your upper or lower teeth, whichever is free of problems listed in Warnings section below.

To End Your Teeth Grinding Symptoms, Follow These Steps:

  1. Fill coffee mug with half-cup of water; then warm – do not boil – in a microwave on high for 90-120 seconds. Carefully remove mug from microwave before placing GrindReliefN into mug. Use caution – water will be hot.
  2. Submerge GrindReliefN in heated water – with smooth, shell-side down – for 90 seconds to two minutes, or until device is translucent.
  3. Remove GrindReliefN. Be sure it is not too hot to the touch.

Forming on Lower Teeth

  1. While looking into a mirror, place the GrindReliefN over lower front teeth using the white central power bar as a guide to center the device; use fingers to press down lightly on the device to gently seat it on the teeth.
  2. Bite down to further seat the GrindReliefN until pressure is felt, mainly on the upper and lower front teeth. DO NOT use excessive force.
  3. Open mouth and use the middle and index fingers of each hand to hold both sides of GrindReliefN down firmly on your lower teeth for 90 seconds.
  4. Remove GrindReliefN and cool in tap water for 30 seconds; then reinsert in mouth.
  5. Sharp and uncomfortable edges may be trimmed with scissors or a nail file; edges are best trimmed when slightly soft.

Forming on Upper Teeth

Same as lower but be sure to push GrindReliefN back as far as possible against front teeth then gently bite teeth together bringing lower teeth forward to bite on power bar for 90 seconds. Complete cooling and fitting as described above in steps 7-8.


  • After final cooling, if the GrindReliefN is too tight or if the edges pinch, do not force in your mouth. Simply reheat in microwaved water for 10 seconds and reseat, as described above in steps 4-6.
  • Wash GrindReliefN, store in case and protect from high temperatures.
  • You may refit GrindReliefN as many times as you want – by softening it in heated water and refitting it as described above in steps 4-6.

What to Do If Your Night Guard is Too Tight

First you should reheat the water in the microwave for at least 90 seconds. Then place your GrindReliefN on the spoon into the water for 5 seconds. Then reposition device on your teeth and lift on and off several times. You may repeat this as many times as you like to ensure it’s a comfortable fit. GrindReliefN is designed to fit you!

What to Do If Your Night Guard is Too Loose

If your night mouth guard is too loose, you may re-soften and fold thermoplastic back into the center of the tray. You may then refit your mouth guard by following the instructions again from the beginning. You may do this as much as needed. Be sure not to move the teeth guard for the first 90 seconds. When properly fit, GrindReliefN nighttime dental guard will fit without excessive force, and fit snugly. GrindReliefN is comfortable and effective.

What to Know About Your Dental Guard

Your upper and lower back teeth should not come into contact. The main force should be felt at the mid-line between the upper and lower front teeth at the Central Power Bar, relieving muscle pressure by 70 percent. Store GrindReliefN in the case provided, brush it before storing and keep it away from pets. You can occasionally disinfect your GrindReliefN with hydrogen peroxide. Also, watch our instruction video on GrindReliefN to see how easy it is to customize your night guard for grinding teeth.

GrindReliefN Home Care Instructions:

  • Wash with toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Protect from high temperatures
  • Soak in hydrogen peroxide once a week for 10 minutes, rinse and dry
  • Do not wear device more than 12 straight hours
  • Remove device before eating and drinking

Contact us at or give us a call if you are still having any issues with fitting. Call us today at 877-401-1224!

GrindReliefN The Teeth Grinding Solution

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